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Xmas 2005
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Jim Watson's 20th annual Christmas show at The Cave 2005
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 Jim and The Cave stage
Jim and his nieces lead the sing-along
Jim Watson
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Bill Hicks
Jim's friends and fans with song sheets
Jim's nieces are a favorite part of the show
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"Caroling in a Cave
by Deb Baldwin, Correspondent
"Roses and Raspberries"
from The Chapel Hill News

(The pics of Jim on this row and the top row pic of Jim and his nieces were taken by Gail and Tom Watts; the others were taken by Anne Berry)

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 Jim's First Annual Christmas Show at somewhere besides The Cave
Hillsborough 2005 at the Masonic Lodge sponsored by the Arts Council
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Jim in the "right" shirt
The Friends and Fans
Leading the parts

Jim's 24th Annual Cave Christmas Show 2009
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Jim's Home

December 29, 2005