Jim Watson - This World Would Be All Sunshine
Jim's Home

Barker 726 (2008) Jim Watson's third solo CD.  Jim is joined by Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Joe Newberry, Kevin Maul, Gary Williamson, Alice Gerrard, Chris Bashear, LeRoy Savage, Tony Williamson, and Comfort Collins Smith

If I Only Had a Home, Somewhere Down Below the Dixon Line, Sweet Sunny South, The Death of Ellenton, Have I Stayed Away Too Long, Calling the Prodigal, Prodigal Son, A Distant Land to Roam, Write a Letter to My Mother, Daddy and Home, Mother's Last Farewell Kiss, Where the Whippoorwill Is Whispering Goodnight, A Vision of Mother, Prairie Lullaby, Uncloudy Day, If I Only Had a Home

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Review (Raleigh) News & Observer "From time to time, Watson takes center stage in a solo recording, and the results are always among high points in the Triangle's traditional music scene. Just in time for the holidays' embrace of heart and hearth, "This World Would Be All Sunshine," on Watson's own Barker Records, celebrates family and home with a 16-song CD that's as brilliant in execution as it is timely."
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Liner Notes I don't recall where I first saw and heard Jim Watson sing.  It was probably at a Robin and Linda Williams' concert, where he played the bass in their Fine Group.  I do know that when I go to their infrequent appearances in my community, I sit there hoping that they'll permit Jim to sing a song.  I admire many things about him, but it's that voice that really captures my attention: reedy, nasal and, above all, compelling.  Like the best of the country singers, past and present--Jimmie Rodgers, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Willie Nelson come to mind--Watson's voice is distinctive and immediately recognizable.  He conveys a sense of authentic feeling about the material he sings, the conviction that he really believes the sentiments of the song, and wants to share them with his listeners. More from Bill C. Malone --->.
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