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Barker 1107 (2001) Jim Watson's second solo CD.  Jim is joined by Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Chris Frank, Alan Jabbour, Robin & Linda Williams, Kevin Maul, Alice Gerrard, Tony Williamson, Leroy Savage, Gary, Williamson, Bill DeTurk, Bill Newton, Joe Newberry

Jordan Is a Hard Road, My Blue-Eyed Jane, Sad and Blue, Lazy Farmer Boy, In the Hills of Tennessee, Leaving Dear Old Ireland, Sinking in the Lonesome Sea, If the River Was Whiskey, Mississippi Moon, Ragged Bill, Let's Be Lovers Again, The Light at the River

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Jim Watson
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Reviews (Raleigh) News & Observer review! "One of the top traditional music recordings of recent years...a joyful and enduring celebration of the old Southern sound." Jack Bernhardt Read more --->

The Green Man Review: "Willie's Redemption stands out for the sense of fun, the twinkle that the musicians have in their eyes, and for the musicianship." Judith Gennett
Souvenirs Willie's Redemption CD Release Celebration Concert
March 30, 2002 - ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC
O'Blurs Mike Craver and Bill Hicks were there!  Leroy Savage, Tony Williamson, Gary Williamson, Joe Newbill, Harris Marley, Bill Newton, Rebecca Newton
More concert news: Jesse's review (March 2002)   |   See the pics!
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