Bill Hicks
Mike Craver
Tony Williamson
Joe Newberry
Harris Marley
Jim Watson
Willie's Redemption
CD Release Celebration
ArtsCenter - Carrboro, NC
March 30, 2002
Bill Newton
Gary Williamson
Leroy Savage
Rebecca Newton
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O'Blurs and friends
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Leroy Savage - Jim Watson
"If the River Was Whiskey"
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Tony Williamson, Bill Newton,
Joe Newberry
Set List
Them Beautiful Bottles
Mississippi Moon
Ragged Bill
Sinking in the Lonesome Sea
Golden Vanity
Bill Mason
My Blue-Eyed Jane
Mother the Queen of My Heart
Let's Be Lovers Again
The Hobo's Last Letter
Yellow Rose of Texas
The Beale Street Blues

Jordan Is a Hard Road to Travel
Miss the Mississippi and You
In the Hills of Tennessee
Leaving Dear Old Ireland
Play 'Rocky Top'
Lazy Farmer Boy
I'm Going to the West
I'm Going Back to the
If the River Was Whiskey
Tell Mother Mother I Will Meet Her
After the Fire
Leaving Home

Sally Ann
A Beautiful Life 
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Jim Watson
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Mike Craver -------------------- Green Level Quartet ------------ Leroy Savage
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Bill Hicks --  Gary and Tony Williamson -- Harris Marley -- Rebecca Newton
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"The Hobo's Last Letter" 
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Rebecca croons "After the Fire" as Tony, Bill, Joe fight back tears, Tony takes his break
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All pictures taken from the front row by Bren Overholt.  Thanks, Jim, for pulling together such a fabulous show.
Read Jesse Thompson Eustice's review of the show in her March letter

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