old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites

"The Ramblers"
Original Red Clay Ramblers
with Joe Newberry
Carrboro NC
June 16, 2007

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sound check scenes
VIDEO "Daniel Prayed" VIDEO
WMV Format
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Rockingham Cindy
Aragon Mill
The Man From Tennessee
How Does a Glass Eye Work?
While the Band was Playing Dixie
Wind and Rain
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Hobo's Last Letter
Kiss Me Quick
You Have Been a Friend to Me
Texas Gals
Beale Street Blues
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Yellow Rose of Texas
Stolen Love
Telephone Girl
Schoolhouse on the Hill
Leaving Dear Old Ireland
Thoroughly African Man
Daniel Prayed
Uncloudy Day
What Does the Lonesome Dove See
Sugar Hill
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
The Ace
Miller's Reel
Merchants Lunch
Sally Ann
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Joe, encouraging the fans to visit the CD table in the lobby, says, "We don't need the money -- but the fellows we owe sure do."
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Pics by Bren Overholt

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