old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites
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The Ramblers
Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, and Joe Newberry
Carter Family Fold, Hiltons, Virginia
August 11, 2007
Before the show...
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The band in the green room getting ready for the show.
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Mike Craver, Bill Hicks & Jim Watson with Paul Kuczko, executive producer of the Music of Coal project.  Two years in the making, this pair of audio CDs contains 48 songs addressing various aspects of coal mining history and culture. The CDs are accompanied by a richly detailed book of liner notes with striking historical photographs.
Read more and order your copy.
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<--- Fans from the festivals.
The bottom blue one features Janette Carter with the 1976 Red Clay Ramblers. See it here.
The show begins...
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Dale & Teresa Jett, Oscar Harris
Janette Carter's son Dale Jett, his wife Teresa and Oscar Harris opened the first set
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(left to right) Joe Newberry, Jim Watson, Bill Hicks and Mike Craver
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Set 1
Rockingham Cindy
Stolen Love
Susananna Gal
The Telephone Girl
While the Band Is Playing Dixie
Man From Tennessee
How Does A Glass Eye Work
Flying Cloud Cotillion
Hobo's Last Letter
You Have Been A Friend to Me
Leather Britches
Aragon Mill
Henhouse Blues
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Set 2
Texas Gals
Kiss Me Quick
50 Miles of Elbow Room
Paddy/Drink Some Cider
Daniel Prayed
Meeting in the Air
Yellow Rose of Texas
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Merchants Lunch
Sally Ann
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How to name our band has been evolving since their reunion in 2001.  The latest entry comes from Dale's introduction of the band tonight:

"The Remnants of the Ramblers"

The dancers... ramblers113.jpg (56841 bytes) dancers3386.jpg (149066 bytes)
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Pics by Bren Overholt
The girls... ramblers_1girls126.jpg (94407 bytes) ramblers_3girls144.jpg (241314 bytes)

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