old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites

Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
Oak Grove Folk Music Festival
Verona VA
August 9-10, 2008
ramblers_shade143_bartlett.jpg (170496 bytes)
Ramblers on stage in the
shade at the Oak Grove Fest
Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Evening
Saturday VIDEO
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Joe Newberry
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
The Man From Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready to Go
Leather Britches
You Have Been A Friend To Me
Wind & Rain
The Hobo's Last Letter
Kiss Me Quick
Texas Gals
Beale Street
bill_watts.jpg (122883 bytes)
Bill Hicks in a quiet moment before the Ramblers take the stage
bill151_bartlett.jpg (92897 bytes)
Bill Hicks
jim149_bartlett.jpg (96194 bytes)
Jim Watson
mike152_bartlett.jpg (88924 bytes)
Mike Craver
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joe_bill050.jpg (317746 bytes)
Joe and Bill setting up
ramblers087.jpg (367783 bytes)
Sharing the festival lineup with Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry....
williams061.jpg (351838 bytes)
Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group (Jimmy Gaudreau and Jim Watson)
mccutcheon073.jpg (201427 bytes)
John McCutcheon
joyce258_bartlett.jpg (80938 bytes)
Joyce Breeden
workshop_ramblers_watts.jpg (134796 bytes) ramblers_closeup114.jpg (260184 bytes)
(list developed from the discussions with the folks there)
Wagon Yard
Barlow Knife
Quince Dillon's High D
Golden Vanity
Schoolhouse on the Hill
ramblers_workshop127.jpg (253192 bytes)
ramblers_workshop124.jpg (192286 bytes)
ramblers_workshop129.jpg (302180 bytes)
ramblers_closeup116.jpg (264183 bytes)
ramblers_closeup112.jpg (216310 bytes)
ramblers_workshop107.jpg (307624 bytes)
Some of the pics were taken by Maggie Bartlett and Tom Watts.  Hold your mouse over one to see if it says "bartlett" or "watts" to identify their work.  Many thanks to the fine photography our friends shared with the website!
shadow_watts.jpg (99133 bytes)
Tom Watts titled this pic "The Shadow" - your webgal on the job
Saturday Evening Show
bill274_bartlett.jpg (74577 bytes)
ramblers306_bartlett.jpg (104840 bytes)
Rockingham Cindy
Stolen Love
Aragon Mill
Telephone Girl
Miller's Reel
How Does a Glass Eye Work?
Daniel Prayed
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
What ... Lonesome Dove See?
Merchants Lunch
Sugar Hill
joe_jim273_bartlett.jpg (88192 bytes)
6 minute video - dialup beware!
finale381_bartlett.jpg (92959 bytes)
The grand finale: our guys plus
Robin & Linda Williams
John McCutcheon
"Yellow Rose of Texas"
"Soldier's Joy"
joe276_bartlett.jpg (64381 bytes)
mike285_bartlett.jpg (83204 bytes)
Sunday Afternoon
theaterwagon158.jpg (185435 bytes)
The Theater Wagon sign showing the effects of the coming storm
theaterwagon162.jpg (263450 bytes)
The Theater Wagon sign flips upside down and our guys head for cover
shelter_front212.jpg (249968 bytes)
The show moves under roof.
shelter_back207.jpg (227504 bytes)
Uncloudy Day
Schoolhouse on the Hill
I Know Whose Tears
African Man
While the Band was Playing Dixie
The Ace
Sally Ann
Susananna Gal
joe_jim_watts.jpg (105011 bytes)
joe_smile184.jpg (124306 bytes)
Joe's smile
mirror186.jpg (168433 bytes)
Some of the view you see is a mirrored reflection.  But which parts?
Around the festival...
maybelle_jake_carter147.jpg (265598 bytes)
Jim and Anne's friends: 
Maybelle, Jake, & Carter
pickers_watts.jpg (191449 bytes)
Parking Lot Pickers
Tom Watts' video: "the last number on Sunday with Francis Collins singing and playing lead, along with Robin & Linda Williams, Jim Watson and Jimmy Gaudreau, on a special song dedicated to Fletch and Margaret Collins, Francis' parents, who were the guiding spirits and muses for the Festival the past 30 years."  
butterfly070.jpg (103207 bytes)
This guy never knew about his living hat ornament
bill216.jpg (342002 bytes)
Bill's hat: E = mc2
Energy=morning x 2 cups of coffee
Pics not titled "bartlett" or "watts" were taken by Bren Overholt

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