old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites
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Mike Craver
Bill Hicks
Jim Watson
Joe Newberry
Southern Village
Chapel Hill NC
June 28, 2009
Set 1
Rockingham Cindy
Aragon Mill
Man from Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready to Go
Polly Put the Kettle On
50 Miles of Elbow Room
Tying A Knot in the Devil's Tail
Death of Ellenton
Piney Mountains
Kiss Me Quick
Texas Gals
Set 2
Yellow Rose of Texas
Stolen Love
Telephone Girl
How Does A Glass Eye Work
Meeting in the Air
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Uncloudy Day
Daniel Prayed
What Does the Lonesome Dove Say
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Miller's Reel
Calling the Prodigal
Long Time Traveling
Merchants Lunch
Sally Ann
Watching the changing sky
over the show
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Mike with David and Jesse Eustice,
Joe with Tom Overholt, Bill with 
Danny Gotham, and Craver, Hicks,
Watson, Newberry with all their 
fans who came out for the show.

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Overheard lyric from this
discussion "Cadillac
with wire wheels" - a
new one?
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Videos on YouTube from this show:
Piney Mountain
Uncloudy Day
Aragon Mill


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All pics by Bren Overholt
except the one just below by David Eustice
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David Eustice caught this spooky image of the band in the dark.  Smokey? Ghostly?  Neon?  Speed?  Flames?
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