old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites

Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
Home Craft Days Festival
Mountain Empire Community College
Big Stone Gap, VA
October 15-16, 2010
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Doug Dorshug from the Highwoods String Band worked the sound for the festival.
Pic from back in the day
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Set List, Friday 10/15
Rockingham Cindy
The Man From Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready to Go
Aragon Mill
When Bacon Was Scar+ce
Big Sciota
You Have Been a Friend to Me
Piney Mountain
Death of Ellenton
How Does a Glass Eye Work?
Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail
Long Time Traveling
Sally Ann
Merchant's Lunch
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Hello Stranger (Dale Jett, Teresa Jett, and Oscar Harris).  Dale said, "Watson ... Newberry ... Hicks ... Craver .... it's easier to just say the Ramblers." 
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Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry "You Have Been A Friend to Me"
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Bill on piano??? Just tuning up the fiddle while being introduced by Tommy Bledsoe.
Pic from back in the day
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There must not be a piano part for "Mollie Put the Kettle On" but Mike was back for "Daniel Prayed."
Set List, Saturday 10/16
Uncloudy Day
Mollie Put the Kettle On
Daniel Prayed
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Texas Gals
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dancing inspired by the music
Jim's CDs sales pitch: "If you don't buy stuff, the terrorists win."  Help out the cause and buy some music.
Anne Berry's shots before and after the shows
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Loved the view at
Mountain Empire Community College
Rich Kirby's intro Friday night: The Red Clay Ramblers were the "Elvis Presley of old time." When he and Tommy Bledsoe started playing old time music back in the 70s, they played Red Clay Ramblers recordings note for note for the first year.

(Historical note: When Bill retired from the Red Clay Ramblers in 1981, he recorded an LP "Hits from Home" with Kirby and Bledsoe. In case you missed it above, a pic from back then.)

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Joe Newberry ready to play
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Oscar Harris and Jim Watson
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Mike Craver, Dale Jett, Joe Newberry
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Dale Jett and Bill Hicks

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