old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites
Marsh Woodwinds Upstairs
Raleigh NC
February 25, 2011
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Back in the house at the beautiful Marsh Woodwinds "Upstairs."  Many thanks to Rodney Marsh for creating an awesome venue for live music complete with HOT Krispy Kremes!
Rockingham Cindy
The Man From Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready To Go
Aragon Mill
Big Sciota
Schoolhouse on the Hill
Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail
Death of Ellenton
Butterfield Stage
Piney Mountain
Texas Gals
Beale Street Blues
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Magical moment during practice before the show -- watching Jim and Bill play "Ship in the Clouds" blending into "Red Fox" while Mike and Joe quickly pick up the tunes by ear.  Watch for this key-of-D-to-G combo in the set list soon.
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-pics by Bren Overholt-
Yellow Rose of Texas
Kiss Me Quick
Telephone Girl
How Does A Glass Eye Work?
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Uncloudy Day
What Does the Lonesome Dove Say
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Weary Prodigal Son
Missouri Borderland
Leather Britches
Merchants Lunch
Long Time Traveling
Sally Ann
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Peek-a-boo over Mike Craver's shoulder
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This show returned Bill Hicks to his hometown, Raleigh.  Several high school friends came for his show, and Bill sent a shout out to Miss James who started him fiddling in the 5th grade.
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The big cat eyes Jim Watson and Joe Newberry.  Both survived, which proves panthers know great old time music when they hear it.
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It wasn't jazz, but the Red Clay Ramblers recording "Hard Times" came out in 1981, the last year of the all-original era.  Get your copy of this and all original RCR music from Mike's Store.  Details on Red Clay Ramblers music plus the guys' solo recordings are on our music page.
Weren't there?  Wanna see?  Here's a video from the show!

Video by Bren Overholt
More recent concert pics
We were delighted that Janet Kenworthy of The Rooster's Wife in Aberdeen NC came to the show, and she kindly included these comments in her newsletter:
There are some things that belie their age. The fabric has a certain feel to it, the leather a soft patina. The syntax harkens to an earlier time. Be it a song, a face, or a voice, there are times when it looks old but sounds young. Likewise, it can look for all the world younger than springtime, but the sound is old as the hills. Close your eyes and the age of the singer is irrelevant. The joy in the voices is forever young, or the heartbreak ageless. Just last night I heard four of my favorites run the gamut from supreme joy, with the Unclouded Day, through abject sorrow, you Damned Old Piney Mountain by Craig Johnson. My hands can't fiddle and my hearts been broke...Thanks always to W.C. Handy for reminding me that I'd rather be here than any place I know, here being in the company of folks I love, listening to music. Big thanks to Craver,Hicks, Newberry and Watson making old time music sound wonderfully young last night at a terrific place to listen, Rodney Marsh's room upstairs at Marsh Woodwinds on Person St. in Raleigh. 
Craver Hicks Watson Newberry at the Rooster's Wife

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