old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites
Prairie Home Companion
Palace Theater
Waterbury CT
November 21, 2015
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Mike Craver and Jim Watson
Garrison: "Mike Craver is the finest singer
of Carter Family songs that you'll ever find.
Garrison Keillor mentioned several times that he was
hosting musicians "of my age" and "from my generation"
and "a boy band." 

"Codgers," replied Facebook. 

 "The Firm" Performances
Daniel Prayed
The School House on the Hill
Merchants Lunch
Piney Mountains
Hobo's Last Letter
Texas Gals
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Bill Hicks

"Daniel Prayed" - Garrison Keillor, Joe Newberry, Jim Watson, Bill Hicks, Mike Craver

"The Hobo's Last Letter" - Mike Craver, Joe Newberry, Jim Watson, and Bill Hicks
with Larry Kohut on base
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The guys on stage, joined by Richard Kriehn, (above), and Joe with Heather Masse and Garrison Keillor (below).  Photos and videos in this section are from the Prairie Home Companion website.  Joe and Bill also contributed photos.  Look for initials in the photo file name. PHC_CHWN_Carter.jpg (113913 bytes)
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Prairie Home Companion Links
Videos, scripts, highlights, and more
Views of the Palace Theater
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We are home now after a wonderful weekend playing on PHC. Many thanks to Richard Dworsky, Richard Kriehn, Chris Siebold, Larry Kohut, Jonathan Dresel, Samuel Hudson, Dan Rowles, Debra Beck, Madeleine Louise, Albert VB Webster, Thomas Scheuzger, Ben Miller, Ella Schovanec, Fred Newman, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, and of course, Mr. Keillor for making Craver, Hicks, Watson & Newberry feel so welcome. You can hear the broadcast online, and if it sounds like we were having fun, it is because we were. -Joe Newberry
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Quotes re the limo from Facebook:
"Size matters."
"Your limo matches your hat!"
"Big city old time band!"
"Still from new ZZTopp video?"

More recent concert pics

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Darn spellcheck

Lunch Will Be In E-Minor  

I went over to Joe's in Raleigh on Thursday night a week ago so's I could get a bit of sleep and not have to drive an hour to the RDU airport and deal with parking and all that, at 4:30 AM. I did manage to sleep some, and we got going on time and were in line with enough time to make the flight to Atlanta, which was where Delta goes before going anywhere else. We switch planes in Atlanta for a string of MD-80s and -90s. The flight from Atlanta to Hartford, CT, was aided by strong tail winds and we got up there in less that two hours, with a fantastic fly-over of lower Manhattan plus various other sights such as the stretch of Long Island and Philly and Chesapeake Bay, a travelogue of the whole East Coast really, all for the watching, and I had a window.

Read the rest of Bill Hicks's story of the trip on his blog...

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