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Craver, Hicks, Watson & Newberry
 Down Home
Johnson City TN
October 28, 2016
Set List
Yellow Rose of Texas
Man from Tennessee
I'm Getting Ready To Go
Aragon Mill
Tying Ten Knots in the Devil's Tail
The Schoolhouse on the Hill
Miller's Reel
You've Been A Friend To Me
How Does a Glass Eye Work?
Piney Mountains
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Kiss Me Quick
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Calling the Prodigal
Texas Gals
Casey Jones
Henhouse Blues
Merchants Lunch
Daniel Prayed
Long Time Travelin'
Sally Ann
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Jim Watson
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Bill Hicks
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Mike Craver
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Joe Newberry
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VIDEO!  Tom Watts videod The Firm's "Aragon Mill" 
Many thanks, Tom Watts, for the videos and most of the photos on this page!

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MORE VIDEO!  Another from Tom Watts - "You've Been A Friend to Me" - the Carter Family song that's also the title of the Craver, Hicks, Watson, & Newberry CD. 

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Tom Overholt found this writing on the wall in the men's room.  Newberry wasn't able to be at the gig, thus the correction.  The Craver, Hicks Watson Show: 40th Anniversary 2016
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40th Anniversary 2016

More recent concert pics

Most pics were taken by Tom Watts, a few by Bren or Tom Overholt. Mouseover to know.
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Spooky Joe after the show.


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