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Craver, Hicks, & Watson
 Down Home
40th Anniversary Show
Johnson City TN
June 18, 2016
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Set List
Rockingham Cindy
Man from Tennessee
Hobo's Last Letter
Aragon Mill
Tying Ten Knots in the Devil's Tail
The Schoolhouse on the Hill
Texas Gals
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
How Does a Glass Eye Work?
Casey Jones
Play "Rocky Top"
Daniel Prayed
Sally Ann
Long Time Traveling
Merchants Lunch
Rabbit in the Pea Patch

Bill Hicks' blog post on the 40th Anniversary show...

Down at the Down Home

After the band I used to be in got over being in an off-Broadway play about Jesse James, we started playing music for a living. This job description means traveling much of the time, unless maybe you live in London like Stephan Grappelli, or New York, or a few other places in the world where there's enough traffic to keep some joint going with a house band. Ocracoke, NC, almost works for a couple of months a year, and Libby and I personally found that out back at the turn of the century. 

One of the first road trips we did was in 1976. We got a call from a guy named Tank ("what'd you say your name was, Frank?"). He'd heard about us, I'm guessing, from our appearances at the Carter Fold up in Hiltons, VA. The Smithsonian magazine had done a piece on the Fold that featured photos of us and a description of the gig and the place, which was at that time in A.P. Carter's old country store building. Or Tank might have just heard about us from somebody who'd been to see us up there. Anyways, Tank and Ed Snodderly were opening a music joint in Johnson City, TN. It sounded on the phone a lot like the place we played one weekend a month in Chapel Hill, the Cat's Cradle. We sure knew how to play a place like that, and Johnson City was only about four hours away driving US 321, a fine old road Stonewall Jackson would have loved, a road that taught you what mountains really were by the seat of your pants and the quality of your braking system. We put the Down Home on the list of upcoming events. 
.....more of Bill's "Down at the Down Home"

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Joe Leach, better known as "Tank," introduces the band at the 40th anniversary show just like he did in 1976 at the first show.
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Bill and the Belles opened the show. 
Bill Hicks' blog: "Great sound!"
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Bill's fiddle case and the Down Home
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Autographing history for a fan
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Bill's blog: "The Brother Boys put on a fantastic closing set, with a breathtaking range of material and great harmony singing and pickin',"
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Mike Craver, Bill Hicks and Jim Watson have played this acclaimed music venue since 1976 when they opened the new club.  As the owner Ed Snodderly told the audience at a previous show, "We went up to a festival and hired Tommy Thompson and the Red Clay Ramblers.  Then we looked at each other and said, 'Now we have to go build a club for them to play.'"  The 2016 performance is the 40th anniversary of the first show at the Down Home, June 18, 1976.
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