old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites
The Blue Note Grill
Durham NC
March 9, 2017

This photo by Larry Griffith

This photo by Mike Sollins
"Great time last night at The Blue Note Grill.
Julie and Wanda dancing to the Surry County National Anthem
Craver, Hicks, Watson, & Newberry rocked!"
Rockingham Cindy
The Man From Tennessee
Ready To Go
Aragon Mill
Tying 10 Knots in the Devil's Tail
Miller's Reel
Calling the Prodigal
How Does A Glass Eye Work?
Piney Mountains
Texas Gals
Beale Street Blues
 SET 2
Kiss Me Quick
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Schoolhouse on the Hill
Yellow Rose of Texas
Casey Jones
Play Rocky Top
What Does the Lonesome Dove Say
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Merchants Lunch
Long Time Traveling
Sally Ann

This photo by Anne Berry
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(pics by Anne Berry and  Patricia Simmons)

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Jim Watson and Joe Newberry by Bill Hicks

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