old time music, new and vintage, with early Red Clay Ramblers favorites

Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
Six String Cafe and Music Hall, Cary NC
June 30, 2004

First they ran out of tables ... then chairs ... barstools ... glasses for the beer ... and finally they ran out
of even standing room, and some late-arriving fans had to listen from the tables out on the patio. 

First Set List

Rockingham Cindy
Telephone Girl
Sinking in the Lonesome Sea
Stolen Love
Miller's Reel
Anasazi Premonition
Bakersfield Grade
Mother's Last Kiss
Bill Mason
Daniel Prayed
I Got What It Takes
Rabbit in a Pea Patch
Merchants Lunch

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The crowd squeezed their chairs right up to the stage or sat in the floor in front of it
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Joe Newberry, Jim Watson, Bill Hicks, Mike Craver
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Check out Bill's flying fiddling!
Second Set List

Yellow Rose of Texas
The Ace
Aragon Mill
Play "Rocky Top"
The SOB in the Carvel Truck
Will You Miss Me
Mississippi Moon
Wagon Yard
The Hobo's Last Letter
You Have Been a Friend to Me
Beale Street Blues
Sugar Hill/Sally Ann (encore)

oblurs_bill_46.jpg (74289 bytes)mike.jpg (22999 bytes)
Bill treated the audience to three of his originals
Mike's mesmerizing solo
"Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone"
- the fans softly sang along

Your webgal was collecting the cover charge at the door.  A man wanders up in search of some dinner....

RCR_fan: "It's sold out."

Stranger: "Are all these people here to hear those guys?"

RCR_fan: big nod yes

Stranger: "Is another group playing later?"

RCR_fan: "No."

Stranger: "Who ARE these guys?"

RCR_fan: "You aren't from around here, are you.  These are the original Red Clay Ramblers"

Stranger: "I'm not, but I've heard of them!"

The stranger was last seen buying a CD.

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Ad for the show in the Durham Independent
(photo by Tom Cox)

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The pictures at the 6 String were taken by Bren and Tom Overholt.

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