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August 17, 2002  The founders of the Red Clay Ramblers return to the Down Home in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Mike Craver, Bill Hicks and Jim Watson have played this acclaimed music venue since 1976 when they opened the new club.  As the owner Ed Snodderly told the audience Saturday night, "We went up to a festival and hired Tommy Thompson and the Red Clay Ramblers.  Then we looked at each other and said, 'Now we have to go build a club for them to play.'"
First Set List

Rockingham Cindy
Telephone Girl
Sinking in the Lonesome Sea
Golden Vanity
Diamond Lil
Down at the Crossroads
The SOB in the Carvel Truck
Mississippi Moon
Leaving Dear Old Ireland
Sally Ann
Daniel Prayed
The Ace
Rabbit in a Pea Patch

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Bill and Libby
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Second Set List

4th of July at a County Fair
Yellow Rose of Texas
Aragon Mill
Play "Rocky Top"
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
When Bacon Was Scarce/Ryestraw
The Butterfield Stage
Watson Come Here I Want You 
Going to the West
Bill Mason
Wagon Yard
The Hobo's Last Letter
Beale Street Blues
Leather Britches

Jim, Mike, and Bill rocked the packed house with Rambler favorites.   Mixed into the sets, each also took turns performing his new, independent work.  Bill delivered an extra treat when he had his wife and singing partner, Libby, join him for his originals. 

Many friends from over the years were there, including Joe Leach, better known as Tank.  Bill says "Tank had the biggest grin on his face when he popped his head into the dressing room." Dave Tilley came along to record the show.  Keep your ears open!

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And some pics for fun
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The fans grabbed up these hot CDs from our Blurs.  If you see any you don't have yet, go here.
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The Down Home when the guys arrived for sound check in the afternoon. 
The title shot a the top of this page is the same view at midnight.
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Sorting out the set lists at sound check
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Wives are more blase about sound check than web designers. Hey, Anne :-)
But Libby Hicks took these pictures for us the night before the show at the final rehearsal in Boone, NC.
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The pictures at the Down Home were taken by Bren Overholt.
There's more!  Craver, Hicks & Watson returned to the Down Home January 17, 2003. See the pics!

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