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Jim Watson, Bill Hicks and Mike Craver return to the Down Home in Johnson City, TN, January 17, 2003
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Set 1
Rockingham Cindy
Telephone Girl
Stolen Love
Miller's Reel
Argonne Wood
That...Hawaiian Honey of Mine
The SOB in the Carvel Truck
Lazy Farmer Boy
If the River Was Whiskey
I Got What It Takes
Daniel Prayed
The Ace
Rabbit in the Pea Patch
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Set 2
Fourth of July...Country Fair
Yellow Rose of Texas
Aragon Mill
Play "Rocky Top"
Water Lights
Uncle Charlie's Revenge
Wagoner's Lad
Rhode Island is Famous For You
Mother Queen of My Heart
Leavin' Home
Wagon Yard
Hobo's Last Letter
The Winding Stream
Beale Street Blues
Merchants Lunch
Sally Ann
Travelin' That Highway Home
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"It was an exceptional performance...There was lots of good energy on stage that evening.  Bill's guitar picking was especially hot tonight," says Cosmic Hoedown DJ Dave Tilley.  A frisky mix of RCR favorites and recent individual recordings had them dancing in the aisles.  Neither the snow storm nor the single-digit temperature could cool down this hot show on the stage of the Down Home.  If you missed this show, don't make that mistake again.  Check our performance calendar for your next opportunity.  As owner Danny Julian said in his introduction, "We used to call them the best band in the world."  Amen.

Rehearsal pics and odds 'n ends
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Mike and Dave Tilley before the show. 

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We told you it was cold.  Mike's fingers got so chilled at the practice, he was playing the piano in gloves!  Damn, he's good.
The Down Home's bulletin board has a snapshot of the Red Clay Ramblers, possibly back as far as their show that opened the club in 1976.  Click on the pic for a larger view, but we'll try for a better copy next time.
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RCR_fan Bren Overholt manning the CD table during break.
(Bill Hicks grabbed the camera for some payback.  The rest of the pics on this page were taken by Bren.)
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At the rehearsal, Bill's wearing a tshirt from Gayville, SD, home of a recent concert by Mike and Bill & Libby.
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